What Is a Painting Party? Part II

What Does Painting with a Twist Refer To?


Attending a painting party is a great way to meet people of all ages, social statuses, and religious beliefs. If you are looking for an event, to discover your natural talent whilst being entertained at the same time, painting with a twist is the answer!

This is a party where you can create a unique work of art using canvas, a brush, and paint. This is not your average art class, this is an event where you can laugh, dance, and even drink a glass of wine for a few hours while painting. Did you know many people use such occasions, to cope with personal issues and traumas? If you are going through a similar period in your life, join such a party in a local studio and have the time of your life.

If you need to attend such an event near you in Houston, TX, you can call us. 3hues Painting Studio is only a phone call away.

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